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PURE SAMBA samba dancers provides an extravagant Brazilian samba carnaval experience for your special events. Let’s dance and smile together.

PURE SAMBA | Revel in Energy


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PURE SAMBA has done more than live Brazilian entertainment and traditional styles of samba: We've created a show stopping movement in revelry! Guided by a passion and love for perfection, we create a unique performance conceived in partnership with our client’s vision and fantasy in mind. Let’s dance and smile together.

PURE SAMBA | Revel in Energy

PURE SAMBA really loves to celebrate with you! Whether it be a wedding, birthday, brand launch, media event, holiday party or private event - large or small - PURE SAMBA brings the fantasy and magic of Brazil to your special event.  

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"They dance as fluid as water and lightening in their moves"

— Happy Client, October 2018

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Our mission is to bring the excitement of Carnaval in Brazil into the private party and special event.



Don’t Just Take Our Word For it …

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